In the field of archaeology, no amount of research can replace the value of hands-in-the-dirt experience. That is why Tyler Jo Smith, Professor of Classical Art/Archaeology and the Director of the

Victoria Valdes is the manager of the 3D Design Lab at the Department of Art in Ruffin Hall and helps students and faculty materialize their 3D printing visions.

When most people think about 3D

Will Rourk’s love of history is infectious.

Rourk, a 3D technologies specialist at the University of Virginia Library’s Scholars’ Lab, documents historic architecture and artifacts, large and small

Benjamin Leonard (Archaeology major 2010) has been a Senior Editor at Archaeology Magazine since 2019. He has also worked as both Associate Editor and Acquisitions Editor for Oxford University Press

UVa alumn, Dr. Justin Walsh (Associate Professor at Chapman University), along with his co-principal investigator Dr. Alice Gorman (Flinders University in Australia) won the Archaeological Institute

September 20, 2022. Richard Guy Wilson, UVA professor emeritus of architectural history, speaks on the history of this iconic building on Grounds.

March 10, 2022. UVA alumnus Hayden Bassett is leading a team of specialists who are monitoring and mapping Ukraine’s cultural heritage and seeking ways to encourage its preservation.

April 21, 2022. UVA physics professor Craig Dukes and third-year physics student Sydney Roberts (pictured) conduct research for the Non-invasive Archaeometry Using Muons project at the Maya temple of

January 4, 2022. Sue Donovan, a UVA conservator, opens the time capsule box from the Lee monument in Richmond. (Photo by Leslie Straub, Virginia Department of Historic Resources).