Anastasia Dakouri-Hild

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Anastasia Dakouri-Hild (Associate Professor, Department of Art) area of research specialization is Aegean prehistory (3000-1100 BCE). Thematically she is interested in value theory and economics, the archaeology of power and the state, ceramic analysis and technology, social aspects of technology and technique, memory and material culture, artifact and cognition, embodied and multisensorial approaches to material culture, the politics of the past, and the uses of digital technology in the humanities. She has co-edited Beyond Illustration: 2D and 3D Technologies as Tools for Discovery in Archaeology (Oxford 2008, with Bernard Frischer), and has recently contributed to the Oxford Handbook to the Bronze Age Aegean (2010) and The Blackwell Homer Encyclopedia (2011). 

At UVa. Dr Dakouri-Hild has taught courses on Aegean prehistory, ancient Egypt, the Near East, the politics of the past, and art and cognition. She has also directed undergraduate and graduate independent studies on Aegean and Egyptian archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, gender theory, and the archaeology of the Levant and Cyprus. In the last decade her field work has focused on prehistoric Thebes in Greece: a) the partial re-excavation and study of the House of Kadmos site in the form of a final publication; b) the final publication of the Theban cemeteries, a collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Thebes. In 2021 Dr Dakouri-Hild received the Archaeological Institute of America Award for Outstanding Work in Digital Archaeology. 

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