Zach McKeeby

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PhD Student, Anthropology
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Graduate Students

Zachary McKeeby (BA. Anthropology, Stony Brook University) is a PhD student, specializing in the archaeology of South/Central Africa. Currently working in southwest Zambia, past field work ranges from the Kenyan Holocene circa 5000-4000 BP, to Bronze age, Roman, and Late Medieval sites across the UK. In the US, he has excavated pre-contact and early American deposits, and directs youth excavations for the Schoharie River Center, a not-for profit in upstate New York dedicated to youth development through environmental stewardship and community engagement. In addition, he has worked for the New York Folklore Society collecting and archiving oral histories around folk-arts in the northeast. His current research interests lie in the African Iron Age, geophysical survey, and how local systems of iron production and exchange c.800-1500 CE were part of much larger regional social, economic and political systems across southern and central Africa.