Art History without the Art: The Curious Case of Sino-Vietnamese Teapots before 1700

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Fralin Museum of Art
Ellen Bayard Weedon Lecture on the Arts of Asia

Katharine P. Burnett, Ph.D.
Public Scholars Fellow; Professor and Chair, Department of Art and Art History
Founder and Director, Global Tea Institute for the Study of Tea Culture and Science at the University of California, Davis

This presentation investigates the exchange of tea culture and teapots between China and Vietnam between 1300–1700, with an emphasis on the late Ming period. This is the time when steeped tea became the norm and teapots began to be a required form. Although it is well-known that China was trading tea and ceramics to other East Asian and European countries at this time, this project initiates the exploration of China’s cultural exchanges surrounding tea with its Southeast Asian neighbors starting with Vietnam.